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Osizweni Science Centre and KPMG recognises committed Accounting teachers


Teachers are awarded for 100% attendance to the KPMG Accounting Academy workshops

~ by Angela Stratford

Accounting in the Standerton Sub-region is well supported through the partnership between KPMG, the Regional Department of Education and the Osizweni Science Centre.

Support is given to Accounting teachers through the establishment of the KPMG Accounting Academy in 2012. This Academy was established to address the poor results in the subject and will ultimately contribute to addressing the acute shortage of chartered accountants in South Africa. The Academy aims to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to empower their learners to perform.

KPMG employees conduct monthly workshops for teachers in the Standerton Sub-Region, this includes schools from the Govan Mbeki, Lekwa and Dipaleseng municipalities. Material is prepared by qualified KPMG employees based on the Grade 12 Accounting curriculum and recommendations by the Department of Education District Subject Advisors.

In honour of attendance to the Academy throughout the year, a recognition ceremony is held. This year’s ceremony was held on 24 October 2017 at the Sasol Recreation club in Secunda. The event was attended by representatives of the Gert Sibande District Department of Education, by school principals, teachers in the programme as well as various Osizweni and KPMG representatives.

Teachers are awarded for 80% attendance to the KPMG Accounting Academy Workshops

Ms Dumsile Vilakazi, Deputy Chief Education Specialist, who spoke on behalf of the Department of Education confirmed that the Standerton Sub-Region had outperformed the other two regions in Gert Sibande. She attested this to the support given to schools by KPMG and Osizweni Science Centre. It was also stated that Highveld Ridge West circuit achieved first place for Accounting in the province for the class of 2016. Teachers were urged to continue their commitment to the Academy as there was a definite improvement to the quality of results in schools.

During the recognition ceremony, teachers who attended 80% of the workshops were recognised. Two teachers were awarded for 100% attendance, Mr Joseph Gwatara from Highveld Muslim School and Ms Zinhle Mzimela from Sizwakele Secondary School.

Mr Kyle Benn from KPMG during the vote of thanks

In closing, Mr Kyle Benn, from KPMG, thanked Osizweni Science Centre, the Department of Education and teachers for their commitment over the years. He reminded them that the Academy was for their benefit and they were more than welcome to make inputs to further the success of results in schools.

Emba Grade 12 – Motivational Session.

Grade 12 learners from various schools in eMbalenhle attended the motivation session

~ by Angela Stratford

Osizweni together with the Department of Education hosted a motivation session for Grade 12 learners for Secondary Schools in eMbalenhle on Monday 28 August 2017 at the eMbalenhle Sasol Recreation Club. The purpose of this intervention was to motivate Grade 12 learners to invest time into their studies so that an improvement can be seen in their year-end results.

Mrs Dumisile Vilakazi, Deputy Chief Education Specialist from the Gert Sibande Region Department of Education shared a presentation which clearly outlined the overall results per school for the past 3 quarters in each subject. This exercise gave Grade 12 learners the opportunity to reflect back on their past performance and motivate them to study even harder as they are approach their final exams.

The event saw a various speakers who have travelled different journeys in life coming together to deliver speeches and motivate the Grade 12 learners. One of the speakers, Sharon Zamisa who is also an Osizweni staff member, spoke about the importance of delayed gratification, where she encouraged learners to work hard today so they may reap the rewards in the future.

Mr Prince Ndela, a former Osizweni Project A learner and a fourth year student at the University of Witwatersrand delivering his motivational speech.

Another speaker, Prince Ndela, a former Osizweni Project A learner and a fourth year student at the University of Witwatersrand, spoke about the sacrifices one needs to make to achieve your dreams. “When you decide to change your life and focus fully on your studies you must be prepared to loose friends along the way, let that not bother you as you would be taking a step in the right direction “said Mr. Ndlela.

A total of 6 learners each from the different secondary schools shared their schools strategy on how they are planning on achieving better results at the end of the year. These strategies included interventions such as afternoon classes, morning sessions as well as teachers especially in practical subjects such as Mathematics and Physical Science becoming more of assistants rather than teachers, meaning they will be giving out equations and monitoring if each student is doing it correctly as opposed to standing in front of the class and solving equations for their learners.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep on moving forward” said one of the learners from Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School as he quoted Martin Luther King Jr.

Grade 12 learners from various schools in eMbalenhle attended the motivation session

“Overall it was a successful session, the response from the Grade 12 learners was impeccable. We hope that there will be a positive change in their year-end results.” said Fionah Manthata, Osizweni Marketing Assistant.