Membership provides access to the resources of SAASTEC and its members, in terms of networking, sharing ideas, concepts, knowledge, experience, training and more. The objectives of SAASTEC are quoted more fully in Aims and Objectives

SAASTEC is recognised by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) as representing interactive science centres in the country.

SAASTEC holds an annual conference, which is usually hosted by a member science centre. It provides an opportunity to publicize your science centre to other science centre professionals, to meet with overseas professionals, discuss local issues with Southern African colleagues, and more.

The SAASTEC website is available as a marketing tool for your science centre. Member centres are welcome to a link to their centre’s website. For centres without a website, a web page describing the centre may be hosted on the SAASTEC website. Send the secretary text and images of your centre.

In addition the secretary  welcomes news items from members of SAASTEC, to go on the news pages. Photographs of such events are welcome, and a suitable image may be used as the main image on the SAASTEC website home page.

A printed newsletter is also published from time to time. This relies on its members to supply articles of interest.

The membership fees support the work that the SAASTEC Board carry out on behalf of the organization’s members.


Membership Fees for 2019/2020

Institutional Membership: R1050
Individual Membership: R500
Student Membership: R200
Commercial Membership: R1050
Corporate Membership: R2000

SAASTEC application form 2019  (Please note membership runs from 1 April – 31 March yearly)

SAASTEC application form 2019

SAASTEC Members 

(These are not the same thing)

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