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Africa Clockwise in Milan

Remember Mark Sampson from the 18th SAASTEC Conference – this is an update on his journey.

Mark Sampson and his family are now in Italy – we were featured on the main TV news in France.

See – https://youtu.be/NRR7ejXcaeU

It’s been a crazy journey so far – We have set the world record as the first to cross Africa on used vegetable oil – 20 countries and 23,0000km – With my wife, two children and not a drop of diesel.

We are half way through the Africa Clockwise project. See www.africaclockwise.co.za

Big thanks to our latest European sponsor, Michelin (all new tires, we are so happy) in helping us get back to South Africa.

A newly edited clip of the trip so far – Two Years in Two Minutes

All the best

Mark Sampson

Climate Change is more a psychological problem than a scientific one. We CAN’T change the climate today, but we CAN change our children so they can deal with it better tomorrow.

The first carbon neutral circumnavigation of the African continent. (See press release at bottom) You can see us featured here – Intrepid Explorer magazine article


Halfway Mark: Sampson Hits Midpoint of Africa Clockwise Journey

Mark Sampson and his family are the first people to cross the continent without using fossil fuels.

The Sampson family took 2 years to trek 23000km through 20 countries, breaking down 15 times. Crossing the Sahara to reach Tangier puts them at the halfway point in their Africa Clockwise journey.

Comedian Mark Sampson has performed at schools and SA Embassies sharing his sustainability message along the way, while his wife Sam Pearce writes a blog documenting their adventures. “There are some great tips on how to cope with having malaria and typhoid at the same time” grins Pearce “We managed to avoid ebola, but the pandemic did cost us a year when the Big Green Truck was stranded behind closed borders in Liberia.”

Their children Ruby and Zola divide their time between homeschooling and surfing. “We have come to realise that this journey is no longer a break from our normal lives but our life itself. The lessons Africa is teaching us about how to combat climate change challenges and the modern curse of stress are vital to us and our kids” says Sampson.

See www.africaclockwise.co.za or follow Africa Clockwise on Facebook and Twitter.